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Event Returns Spring 2023

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"like being on the set of a horror movie"
Columbus Dispatch


Nightmare Combat is a very large production that takes place once a year and requires a full year to create. 

2023 Dates Coming Soon

All 2022 event dates have passed. No July or August Dates will be Added. Stay tuned for Early Access to 2023 dates!


Shoot Monsters with Realistic tactical Weapons

Play Video

* Weapons upgraded from what is featured in video

Live Action Survival Horror

40,000 SQFT OF military simulation

Horror Laser Tag Experience

Nightmare Combat is a special, once a year event in Columbus, Ohio that combines the thrills and chills of the Halloween season with the exhilarating fun of laser tag! This tactical experience puts your survival skills to the test by putting you face to face with the creatures that haunt your dreams. You will receive a realistic training weapon so you’re ready to take on whatever it is lurking in the dark.

The details in the rooms were phenomenal and even for the people in the back of the group, there were plenty of kills to be had. Great time, we will be back.

Norel Opos

Google Review

Really awesome experience! Had a great time and I definitely recommend taking a trip!!

Justin McGinnis

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That was the most amazing experience i have done in a long time I completely recommend everyone trying it out

Zahku Reid-Morris

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Cutting Edge WEAPONS

You will be armed with realistic looking & feeling weapons. Your weapons will be full weight and include a metal design. You will be trained on these weapons before entering the experience, in order to prepare you best for you and your teams’ survival!

Me and my husband loved it❤️ It was the right amount of scary.

Nia Taylor

Google Review

A group of 6 of us went and it was so FUN. Very realistic and exciting. Very good time!!!! Will definitely be going back😁😁😁

Kristin Prince

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The Setting

Hollywood Quality sets

You will journey through a 40,000 square foot immersive environment featuring Hollywood quality sets. This event will feature a world themed after a post apocalyptic cityscape complete with overturned cars, city streets, a giant haunted asylum, a slaughterhouse and countless other scenes.



You will encounter dozens of live actors and performers with professional costumes and makeup.  These actors have targets built into their costumes that are triggered by your weapons and will signify you when they have been defeated. Just like any video game you will also have to conquer the giant boss before you complete your mission. 

Was a blast, very intense and good adrenaline rush.

Kasey Cole

Google Review

Was a really good experience!! Its lit

Chriseny Perryman

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Ticketing Information

"incredibly popular, selling out all 12 sessions in mere minutes"
Columbus Dispatch (Our 2021 Season)

Due to very high demand and limited capacity all tickets for this event MUST be purchased online in advance.  You will need to select the Entry Time you would like to attend when you purchase your  tickets so please plan accordingly.  You will not be able to change this time under any circumstances once your order is complete. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Groups are strictly limited to 1 – 6 members going through the experience together. Groups larger than 6 will be split into smaller groups. There are no exceptions to this rule and it is for the safety and satisfaction of all our guests. Some rooms in the attraction are too small for groups larger than 6. You will only go through the experience with guests you arrived with. You will not be placed with anyone you don’t know. You may do this experience in groups smaller than 6 and you can even go alone.

We provide no guarantees on the length of the experience because it is based on how quickly you travel through the experience. On average most guests spend 30 minutes in the mission not including time for group photo ops, waiting in line, or shopping in Fear Gear store.

When planning your visit please allow for at least 90 minutes between the time you arrive and the time you leave. If you are purchasing multiple time slots in the same day please give ample time between.

You must be at least 13 years of age to attend the event. Anyone under 15 years of age MUST have at least one parent/guardian in the group. Everyone must sign a waiver before entering the attraction and anyone under 18 must have a parent sign on their behalf.

Please be aware that this is a very graphic and violent experience featuring full size and weight weapons and 50+ live performers. We want everyone to have fun but this is not an event intended for children. Do not mistake this event with your kids playing classic laser tag. 

You will select an Entry Time when purchasing your tickets. This is the time you will join the waiting line, this is not a guaranteed time you will start your mission. Wait times for this event are usually very minimal but unexpected delays are always possible so plan accordingly.

All guests will get the entire experience regardless of what Entry Time you select. Do not be afraid to select a later Entry Time, you will not be rushed and the attraction will be fully operational until the last group is complete.  Later Entry Times usually have shorter wait times as well.

Our team is undertaking a massive renovation of our haunted houses and we will need the facility closed to give us enough time to complete this prior to Fear Columbus reopening in September for our regularly scheduled haunted house season. This year we have condensed the same amount of dates that we had in 2022 into May and June. This makes sure you get the same number of chances to participate in the event and we are able to complete the renovations.

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