Gameplay Details

How To Play Nightmare Combat

Your Mission

Defeat All The Nightmares

We have upgraded our weapon system to now include realtime scoring and much more advanced gameplay. This page includes some basic information on how the game works and some tricks to increase your monster hunting skills!


Cutting Edge WEAPONS

Your gun is modeled after an M4 with a metal design, real working stock and more! The side of your gun features a screen that will display your realtime score of kills, deaths, accuracy and more. 

Ammo Reload

We have setup your weapon to have unlimited magazines but each magazine has a limited number of rounds to make it as realistic as possible. 

Red Dot Scope

Your gun will include a real red dot scope that in synced to the gameplay. If you kill an enemy in the game your scope will flash a different color to indicate the kill was attributed to you.

The Setting

You will journey through a 40,000 square foot immersive environment featuring Hollywood quality sets. Below are just a few of the scenes you get to experience during your mission.

The Training Facility

The first section will be the training facility where you will get familiar with your weapon and a few monsters. 

The Nightmare Realm

You will then proceed to the main mission which is themed after a post apocalyptic cityscape complete with overturned cars, city streets, a giant haunted asylum, a slaughterhouse and countless other scenes.

The Lair

The final scene you will encounter is the final boss battle. This arena houses the most difficult and aggressive monsters. These monsters will also give you the most points if you are able to defeat them before they defeat you. 



You will encounter dozens of live actors and performers with professional costumes and makeup. In addition there are animatronics, props and other surprises during your mission that you will need to defeat.

All of these enemies have target sensors on their heads that feature varying degrees of difficulty.  Some monsters will only take a few shots to kill and others can take over 50 shots or more!

In addition all monsters now have the ability to inflict damage on your health if you don’t kill them before they get too close. Every enemy is unique. The further you get into the mission the more damage these monsters can inflict and from a further distance.

If a monster kills you, you will auto respawn after a few seconds and it will be recorded in your final score. You will need to be strategic in how you play so you defeat the maximum number of monsters with the fewest deaths.

Scoring Explained

Tips to get the high score

You will score points for every monster that you defeat. You will also get credit for “assists” if you help another player in defeating an enemy. Different enemies will give you different amounts of points based on how difficult they are to kill. Some monsters will take a few shots to kill and some will take dozens of direct hits to take down.  Look out for a few secrets along the way that can give you bonus points.

The Scoreboard

At the end of your mission you can view your score on the screen of your gun as well as a leaderboard posted at the exit. You can compare your score to other players on your team and other teams that have recently played.