Get ready to play Nightmare Combat!

Before receiving your weapon we want to provide some training on how the game works.

getting started

Bravo Six, Going Dark

You are about to receive one of the most cutting-edge laser tag guns ever created.

Make sure to use the shoulder strap and hold your gun with both hands at all times.


Locked and loaded

Your weapon features realistic recoil, audio, and even a red dot scope. You will have a chance to get familiar with your gun and have some target practice before entering the mission.

Make sure to take note of your player’s name on your gun. This is how you will find your name on the scoreboard at the exit. Please bring up any questions to the staff member before your mission starts.

Nightmare Combat is carefully timed, very loud, and fast-paced so once your game starts you won’t be able to stop and ask questions until the very end.


Changing Mags,
cover me

Your primary weapon for this mission will have unlimited ammo. You will still need to reload after each magazine empties.

To reload your magazine simply press the red button on the front of the gun. For this mission type, you will not need to swap the actual magazine in the gun.

recoil cool-down

Stay focused,
stay alive

If you notice your recoil or audio temporarily not firing, don’t worry. Your gun is still firing and registering shots. Occasionally these components pause to keep them from overheating if being fired very rapidly for long periods of time.

We provide our players with unlimited ammo so the weapons get fired much more often than normal and this is a safety feature to protect the gun.

Red dot scope

Steady Aim pro

When using the red dot scope on your gun, pay attention to the scope changing colors. Your scope crosshairs will temporarily switch colors to signify a kill.

health bar


On the top of the barrel of your weapon, you will see 6 LEDs that represent your current health level. Enemies can hurt your health if they get too close to you before they are killed.

If your health is fully depleted it will count as a death on your final score but you will respawn in a few moments. Be aware that other elements such as explosions can also hurt your health.

gun switching

Deadly force is authorized

If you score enough points, or shoot special targets throughout the mission you may acquire specialty weapons. You can switch back and forth between your weapons by pressing up on the directional pad on the gun.

gun screen

Primary gunfighter

Your gun features an LCD screen that will display stats about your game. It is not necessary to view this screen while you are playing but you are welcome to check your magazine ammo, gun type, kills, power-ups and more.

Nothing on this screen is critical to your mission so we recommend enjoying the game and checking your stats at the end.

your mission

Your only focus
is the mission

Your goal is to earn the highest possible score. This is accomplished by defeating as many enemies as possible, having the least amount of deaths, and earning all hidden bonuses.

The Enemies

Don't stop until they're all dead

You will encounter many different types of enemies during your game. They will be wearing targets that can be hit by shooting them with your gun. Enemies will take multiple shots to fully defeat.

Make sure you are extremely accurate when shooting. Nightmare Combat requires more accuracy than a traditional laser tag. Once an enemy has been defeated, continue to the next scene. Do not shoot an enemy after they have died.

Enemy Damage

Enemy in the AO

Keep your distance from enemies! If they get too close while still alive, a proximity sensor built into their target will inflict damage on your health.

The further into the mission you get, the more difficult the enemies will become. This means they will inflict more damage from a further distance, and they will also take more direct shots to defeat. Some larger enemies can take 50+ shots to defeat!


No mistakes

Both hands must remain on your gun at all times.

Continue walking at a steady pace through the entire game. There is no stopping allowed at any point, unless your path is obstructed by an enemy or staff member. If you come across a challenger, you will need to defeat them before you can move forward. If you get too scared or want to quit at any point, calmly continue walking to the next emergency exit and notify the first available staff member. Stopping inside the game can ruin the experience for the following group.

There will be no cell phones, videography, photography, flashlights, or other light sources are authorized during the game. You may not hold anything in your hands beside your gun.

Be respectful if you encounter other players.

Scoring. When you complete your mission, you will debrief with a staff member. They will help you see your score and answer any questions that you might have about the mission. Your score will show you total points, kills, deaths, and even assists. Remember your player name displayed on your gun so you may see if you made the leaderboard at the exit.

Important note, please vocalize any game-related issues to staff BEFORE you get to the Fear Gear merch store. Our store staff is not trained to handle game issues. We want you to leave fully satisfied and will work to resolve any concerns that may arise right away. Please bring it to our attention before exiting and give us a chance to correct it.

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