Is The Haunted House ADA Accessible?

Yes, the entire attraction is ADA accessible but remember you will be carrying your weapon through the entire attraction.  Our staff will be available at any point if you need any help.

Guests are more than welcome to attend that require the use of a wheelchair.

Our staff will be available at any point if you need any extra help.

Electric wheelchairs are permitted as long as they can safely navigate standard ADA sized hallways and doorways.

We do ask to please email us at with your reservation date and time if you will need some help and we will make sure we have a dedicated staff member for you!

The entire facility floor plan is approved and inspected by the State of Ohio building department and inspected regularly by Columbus Fire Department to ensure it is safe and fully accessible for guests using wheelchairs.

If you have any other ADA related questions not covered on the help article please reach out via email and we will be happy to assist in any way we are able!

Please note: we can not accommodate any oversized wheelchairs that can not be safely maneuver through a standard 36″ ADA doorway or hallway.

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