Lost or Deleted Your Tickets

Did you lose or delete the email with your tickets?
Purchase tickets and never receive them?

Don’t Worry! You can look up your tickets instantly right from our website!

Follow the steps below to lookup your tickets.

1) You can login to our online portal using the email you used to purchase tickets with. If you did not setup an account originally you will just click “forgot password” and you will be sent an email to setup your password.
Online Ticketing Portal
Reset Password/ Setup Account 

2) Login and select the order you would like to view

3) You can then download or resend your tickets to your email. You can also make any changes to your order as well right from this portal.

Did you try “Forgot Password” and getting an error?

If you are having trouble logging in or the system is not sending you a password reset email, this usually means that you used a different email to complete your order.
Try using a different email to login.
If that still doesn’t work this can also mean their was a typo in your email address when you completed your order.

Simply contact customer support and they can help you update the email on file so you can get logged in.