Early Access Details

How The Early Access Launch Will Work

Early Access Opens
Friday, April 1 at 11:00am EST

The Timeline

10:30am EST: You will receive an email and text message with a link to join the private virtual pre-queue waiting room. If you do not receive your link by 10:45am please email us at Info@NightmareCombat.com and we will resend your link.

11:00am EST: The waiting room software will assign everyone in the pre-queue a spot in a virtual waiting line. You will be able to see your spot in line and an estimated wait time. We have thousands of tickets available for purchase so don’t be discouraged if the line looks long. It will move much faster than what the site estimates.

When it is your turn to purchase tickets you will need to select your desired Date, Ticket Type and Entry Time for your entire group. Make sure to pick some backup dates and times with your group ahead of time in case your first choice is sold out.

12:00pm EST: Tickets will go live on the website to the public and will be available to everyone who wasn’t on Early Access. The majority of launches last year sold out before tickets even went on sale to the public so make sure to take advantage of your Early Access!

The Virtual Waiting Room

Due to overwhelming demand we will be using a virtual waiting room. This is the same software used by Ticketmaster and large scale concerts. When you land on the ticketing website you will encounter a screen that will make sure everyone gets tickets in the order in which they come to the website.  This is an attempt to make the ticket buying process as smooth as possible and prevent servers from crashing during the launch. If you do see this screen do not refresh your browser or you will lose your spot in line. You will see your spot in line and how many people are ahead of you. 




The first step is to select the date you would like to attend. Available dates will be listed right on the ticketing page. Always plan a backup date with your group in case your first choice is sold out.



Second, you will select which type of ticket you would like to purchase. All ticket options get you into the entire attraction and unlimited ammo. The Photo ticket gets you a printed souvenir group photo.



Next, you will select your Entry Time. This is the time your group will join the waiting line. This drastically reduces wait times and improves overall customer experience.

2022 Dates


May 6, 2022

7pm - 11:30pm

On Sale 4/1 at noon


May 7, 2022


On Sale 4/1 at noon


May 8, 2022

3pm - 9pm

On Sale 4/1 at noon


May 13, 2022

7pm - 11:30pm

On Sale 4/1 at noon


May 14, 2022


On Sale 4/1 at noon


May 15, 2022

3pm - 9pm

On Sale 4/1 at noon

Ticket Options

General Admission


Access to the Nightmare Combat attraction and unlimited ammo.

General Admission + Photo


Access to the Nightmare Combat attraction, unlimited ammo and a printed souvenir photo with your group.

Group Size Information

Groups are strictly limited to 1 – 6 members going through the experience together. Groups larger than 6 will be split into smaller groups. There are no exceptions to this rule and it is for the safety and satisfaction of all our guests. Some rooms in the attraction are too small for groups larger than 6. You will only go through the experience with guests you arrived with. You will not be placed with anyone you don’t know. You may do this experience in groups smaller than 6 and you can even go alone.

Length of Experience

We provide no guarantees on the length of the experience because it is based on how quickly you travel through the experience. We estimate that most guests will spend 30+ minutes in the main attraction plus time for training, photo ops and a few staging areas throughout.

When planning your visit please allow for at least 90 minutes between the time you arrive and the time you leave. If you are purchasing multiple time slots in the same day please give ample time between. 

Age Restrictions

You must be at least 13 years of age to attend the event. Anyone under 15 years of age MUST have at least one parent/guardian in the group. Everyone must sign a waiver before entering the attraction and anyone under 18 must have a parent sign on their behalf.

Please be aware that this is a very graphic and violent experience featuring full size and weight weapons and 50+ live performers. We want everyone to have fun but this is not an event intended for children. Do not mistake this event with your kids playing classic laser tag. 

Entry TimeS

All guests will get the entire experience regardless of what Entry Time you select. Do not be afraid to select a later Entry Time, you will not be rushed and the attraction will be fully operational until the last group is complete.  Later Entry Times usually have shorter wait times as well.

Date/Time Changes

Please understand we are not able to transfer your tickets to a different date or time after you purchase them. Attendance for these events is limited by the number of guns we have. Once an Entry Time sells out it is impossible for us to accept more players to that time. 

Need Help?

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Hours: M-F 9am-6pm

1 Hour Average Response Time during business hours.

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